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Coffee Bean



Coffee Bean

Coffee begins as cherries on a coffee plant. After harvest, they undergo an extensive process that begins with hulling the cherries and ends in that familiar smoky aroma of fresh roast beans. Coffee contains 108mg of caffeine per cup. According to the Mayo Clinic 200 to 300mg of caffeine is considered safe. Caffeine increases wakefulness, alleviates fatigue and improves concentration and focus.


+ Processing Type: Roasted
+ Grade: ALL GRADE

+ Moisture: 12.5% Max
+ Foreign matter : 0.1-0.5% Max
+ Black & broken beans: 1-5% Max
+ Excelsa beans: 0.5% Max
+ Bean size abv screen 16 (6.1mm)/18(7.1mm) : 90% Min
+ Packaging: 50, 60KG JUTE BAG
+ Origin: Vietnam

Health benefits
– Disease Risk Decreased
According to a study conducted by Harvard University over a span of 18 years, drinking coffee decreases the risk of diabetes; however, researchers are still not sure why coffee has this effect.
– Parkinson’s Disease
Coffee drinkers reduce their risk of developing Parkinson’s disease by up to 80 percent due to the amount of caffeine found in coffee.
– Better Mood
The caffeine in coffee beans, and thus coffee, sharpens the mind and helps to boost moods.
– Headache Treatment
Many pain relievers used to treat headaches also contain caffeine, which is found naturally in the coffee bean.
– Antioxidants
Coffee beans naturally have high amounts of antioxidants, which help to slow the damage to body cells.

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