Malva Nuts

Malva Nuts

Part used & method for pharmaceutical preparations: the seeds are collected from April to June after the fruit ripens, then they are sun-dried.
Properties & taste: sweet and cold.
Meridians: lung and large intestine.


+ Shape : oval or elongated
+ Width : 1.2 – 2.5 cm
+ Length: More than 2cm
+ Whole fruit, no broken, no mould.
+ Moisture: 13% max;
+ Admixture: 0%
+ Packing: 50kg/ jute bag or as your requirement
+ Capacity : 10 tons per month
+ Crop: 2012
+ Origin: Vietnam

Therapeutic properties: Malva nut are used to treat diseases/ conditions such as:
– Diuretics,
– Heat,
– Hemostatic drugs,
– Mat,
– Gonorrhea,
– Bleeding saignement,
– Bleeding hemorragie,
– And inflammation dark erysipele.
▪ Left orangutans also used for:
– Dysentery dysenterie.
– Diarrhea diarrhees,
– Dysentery dysenterie
– And asthma asthmatiques.
– Fever
– Dissipate heat from the lungs,
– Treatment of sore throat,
– Against toxicity,
– And to relax organs.
● Use Malva nut (seeds) immersion in boiling water.
● Application:
▪ It is often soaking Malva nut in boiling water or cooking excellence. Rough peeled before use,
▪ Soak in water, Malva nut forming a large number of gelatine is used as medicine:
– Diarrhea,
– Sore throat,
– Cough,
– Inflammation,
– And urinary problems.
A daily dose of nature Malva nut are prepared by soaking 4 or 5 seeds in 1 liter of water, add sugar.

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