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Our Company Mission is to consistently provide premium quality spices, seasonings, agricultural products and medical herbs which offer our consumers and customers superior quality life.


Company Vision & Values

Built on a foundation of respect, we work together to achieve our goals.


VNSPICE will be the leading Vietnamese brand and global supplier of Spices/ Seasoning, Agro Products and Medical Herbs. Building on strong brands and innovative products, we will provide superior quality and service to customers and consumers around the world.

There are five pillars that support and bring our company vision and values to life:

1. Passion for Products

VNSPICE’s passion is helping people make the best-tasting food possible. People all around the world trust us to help them create memorable food experiences – whether at home or everywhere esle – that add to their enjoyment of life.

2. Power of People

There is something inspiring about working at VNSPICE. We have created an unusually dedicated workforce by fostering a culture of respect, recognition, inclusion and collaboration based on the highest ethical values.

3. Taste you Trust

What sets VNSPICE apart is an unrivalled focus on quality. This quality obsession extends from “farm to fork” on a global basis and is behind our unsurpassed track record of food safety, purity and integrity. Indeed, we are leaders in global sourcing with strategic alliances with local growers that allow them to grow higher quality crops. These world-class standards extend all the way through our global supply chain.

4. Inspiring Healthy Choices

Our high quality products not only make good food taste better, they often make food better for you. People have long known about the healthful properties of natural spices and herbs, and there is now growing scientific evidence about their antioxidant power. Building on this inherent goodness, we are aggressively exploring ways that products can be used to create more healthy eating options.

5. Delivering High Performance

At VNSPICE, we are committed to achieving a superior level of performance in everything we do. At individual, team, and company levels, we set the bar high, and we aim even higher. Whether considering the efficiency of our production teams, the ingenuity of our packaging experts, or the determination of our sales force.

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