Family Meals Then And Now

  • Jun 02, 2024
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The family meal has always been highly valued in our culture. Let's find out the differences between family meals of the past and present with Miss Vietspice through this article!


Whether in the past or now, daily meals have been cherished and carefully maintained by many families for their traditional value and the benefits they bring. However, as life changes, daily meals also evolve, but the meaning they hold never does.


I. Family meals then and now


1.1 Family meals in the past


The family meal has always been a cherished tradition, especially in the past, it was not only a time to enjoy food but also a precious moment for family members to gather, share, and bond after a hard day's work.


During difficult times, many families could only afford one meal a day, but everyone would still be present. The image of a family gathering at dusk, sitting around the dining table, chatting, and enjoying the peaceful evening together has become an unforgettable memory for many older generations.


In traditional families, there were often many members, sometimes even four or five generations, present at a meal. The role of women in the kitchen was therefore extremely important. The meal was not just about eating but carried a significant meaning, adhering to the proper rituals, order, and traditions of the family. The dinner table was a place to show mutual respect and to educate the younger generations about the core values of family.


Whether simple or elaborate, the family meal has always been a symbol of togetherness, love, and bonding. In today's modern society, as life becomes more hectic and busy, the value of family meals has become even more precious and needs to be preserved.



Family meals are always a symbol of togetherness, love and connection


1.2 Family meals today


While life has become more comfortable and prosperous, leading to a wider variety of meal options. Despite the rapid progress and development of society, the role of family meals remains unchanged. However, in the fast-paced and busy rhythm of modern life, gathering all family members for a meal has become increasingly rare. Many families, especially young ones, often choose to eat out rather than cook at home.


The daily routine of a modern family typically involves taking the children to school in the morning, parents going to work, picking up the children in the afternoon, and then shopping for groceries and cooking dinner. However, the dinner, often the only time for the whole family to gather, is sometimes incomplete. Sometimes, either the father or mother has to work overtime, or the children have extra classes. Meals are often eaten quickly so that everyone can finish their tasks and prepare for the next day. The time for the whole family to enjoy and share together seems to be diminishing.


Many busy modern families find cooking too tiring and time-consuming, so they frequently order food online. Quite a few families have their own homes, fully equipped with modern kitchens, but the stove is rarely used. Out of seven days a week, they might eat out six days, especially newlywed couples. With just two people, they often prefer to dine out rather than cook. Only families living with grandparents are likely to maintain the traditional routine handed down through generations.



Delicious pho cooked by mother


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II. Miss Vietspice accompanies every family meal

Modern life presents challenges to upholding the tradition of family meals, but its importance remains undeniable. After all, family remains the warmest and most loving place to return to.


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