Family Meals - The Secret To Connecting With Love

  • May 17, 2024
  • Por Phu Nguyen
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Will family meals be forgotten in today's hustle and bustle of life?  Let's find out with Miss Vietspice through the following article!


Family meals are a symbol of solidarity and happiness inherent. This is not only a meal but also an opportunity for all members to gather, share and enjoy together. However, with busy modern life, such meals often become out of reach. But do you want to keep those precious moments with your family?

I. Are family meals forgotten?

In the past, when men went out to work to support their families, women took care of housework and cooking at home. The whole family always looks forward to the moment of reunion, gathering around the dinner table with happy laughter.


Today, in modern society, women and men are equal, they go out to work and contribute financially to the family. Limited time means many families no longer have the means to prepare decent traditional meals like before. Instead, they have to hire maids or even reduce cooking, leading to family meals gradually being overlooked.


Not only that, the appearance of smartphones also creates distance between members. During meals, people often focus on their phones, and the family space becomes private and silent.


Busy lifestyles make people have less time for family meals. Instead of waiting for each other to eat together, many people choose to eat before they are free and everyone has their own things to do. Young people like to gather with friends, eat out at restaurants, or prefer fast food over family meals.


Leaving family and hometown to work is also the reason for meals without relatives. The image of meals with only parents or children is probably no longer strange.


These habits make traditional family meals, filled with laughter and affection, gradually become distant.

II.  Benefits of family meals

2.1 A place to bond emotionally and maintain family traditions

Family meals are not only a time for family members to sit together, but also a place to preserve and pass on traditional values ​​through generations. Every meal is an opportunity for life stories, experiences and lessons to be shared. It seems simple, but it is a "link" for everyone.


The message of family meals is also to honor traditional dishes, prepared according to special recipes. It is a time when everyone can put aside the chaos of life, enjoy delicious food together and share stories of the day. This is the ideal time for family members to show love, care and concern for each other after a tiring day. 

2.2 Health, nutritional and spiritual benefits from family meals

Family meals not only help family members bond emotionally but also ensure adequate provision of necessary nutrients for the body. When we cook at home, we can control the quality of food and ensure a nutritionally balanced meal.

Researcher Matthew W. Gillman, MD, also noted that family dinners are an opportunity for members to discuss nutrition and healthy foods.


Besides nutritional benefits, family meals also bring many benefits to mental health. Time spent eating and chatting together helps create a comfortable space, reducing stress and anxiety.


Furthermore, stories on every dinner table are also a great way to educate. By participating in meal preparation, children can learn many important skills such as cooking, cleaning, time management and communication. Each meal will help children better understand the family's culture and values.


Family meals are not only about food but also about precious memories. Every time we gather around the dinner table, the happy stories, laughs, and tears shared become cherished memories.



Meals are family time spent together

III. Perfect blended spices & seasoning powder packet help bond love from family meals

However, not all families find it easy to do this. It seems simple, but it can still be difficult for families with limited time to gather. Understanding that, Miss Vietspice has sought to help everyone by providing perfect blended spices & seasoning powder packets to help parents or children make meals with traditional flavors in just a short amount of time.

3.1 What is the perfect blended spices & seasoning powder packet of Miss Vietspice? 

Perfect blended spices & seasoning powder packets are pre-processed spices with a standard recipe. Just by using the product, people do not need to have a headache thinking about the formula, or waste time with many complicated steps. Instead, traditional, flavorful dishes are still available right on the dining table with just a few basic steps. With just the perfect blended spices & seasoning powder packet of Miss Vietspice, a delicious meal are no longer too difficult to cook.



Family meals are no longer difficult to cook with a perfect blended spices & seasoning powder packet

3.2 Perfect blended spices & seasoning powder for a variety of Vietnamese dishes

Currently, Miss Vietspice perfect blended spices & seasoning powder packet includes 10 items: 

  • Braised ribs / shrimp Seasoning

  • Stewed Beef Seasoning

  • Bún Bò Seasoning

  • Braised Fish with Turmeric Seasoning

  • Braised fish with galangal Seasoning

  • Braised Fish Seasoning

  • Seasoning Braised chicken with lemongrass, chilli

  • Mì Quảng Seasoning

  • Beef Pho / Chicken Pho Seasoning

  • Seasoning Stewed Duck meat with ginger


Miss Vietspice always accompanies every family


Diverse spices ️ 👉 diverse dishes, helping everyone freely choose whether their taste. Perfect blended spices & seasoning powder packets will be a great assistant to help you easily cook.  Just one package, cooking has never been easier, let Miss Vietspice - Flavors of Vietnamese meals always accompany your family!


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