Great Benefits Of Family Meals You Should Not Ignore

  • Jun 09, 2024
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Family meals have great benefits for each person's physical and mental health.  In this article, let's explore the wonderful benefits of family meals with Miss Vietspice!


From ancient times until now, family meals are always something that needs to be preserved, whether the family is rich or poor. Because, it is a tradition passed down by our grandparents, when family members gather, cook together, enjoy together and share daily stories. 


1. Nutritious and well-balanced meals


Home-cooked meals are often more nutritious than fast food. According to Harvard research, families who regularly eat together have healthier diets, consuming twice as many vegetables and fruits compared to families who eat together less often.


This brings numerous health benefits, providing essential vitamins, minerals, and fiber, while reducing the risk of diet-related diseases such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and certain cancers.


Meals at home are often more nutritious than meals out

2. Strengthened family bonds


Eating together is a wonderful way for family members to build and strengthen their relationships. Family meals are not just about enjoying delicious food but also a valuable time for everyone to talk, connect, and share. This time allows us for direct connection, laughter, and helps in relieving stress.


The family meal is also a place to resolve family issues, discuss daily events, and plan for tomorrow. This time creates memorable moments and fosters a deeper understanding, making family relationships stronger. After these meals, you will feel more connected and look forward to coming home rather than going out.


3. Enhanced development for children


When parents prepare meals together and eat with their children, it makes kids feel secure and loved. Studies have shown that children who eat at home regularly are less likely to engage in negative behaviors like substance abuse and violence, and they face fewer psychological issues.


Through family meals, children learn about healthy food and nutrition and develop table manners. Over two decades of research have shown that children who eat with their families perform better academically and have a richer vocabulary. They are also less prone to depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and have better heart health.


Warm family meals help children develop better 
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4. Improved health for parents


Researchers indicate that eating alone can lead to negative health outcomes. Eating alone makes us more likely to skip meals or consume unhealthy foods, resulting in lower nutrient intake, reduced energy, and poorer nutritional health.


Conversely, adults who eat with others tend to eat more fruits and vegetables and limit fast food. This also applies to home cooking, even if the cook does not focus on healthy eating. Eating together helps reduce obesity risk compared to dining at restaurants with greasy foods.


During family meals, parents tend to eat healthier to set a good example for their children and provide them with the best nutrients. Additionally, conversations during meals help children develop communication skills and strengthen family bonds. Eating slowly while talking allows the brain to register fullness and signal that it's time to stop eating, helping to avoid overeating and obesity.


5. Cost savings


Compared to dining out, home-cooked meals offer significant economic benefits. The cost of buying ingredients and cooking at home is much lower than ordering from restaurants. This allows your family to save a substantial amount of money each month. Furthermore, cooking at home lets you control the quality and source of your food, ensuring safety and hygiene. You can choose fresh ingredients, maintain cleanliness, and prepare meals according to your family's preferences.


6. Maintain family meals with Miss Vietspice


Family meals are a time for gathering, a cherished moment for many. Children look forward to having their parents home at mealtime, and the elderly cherish the days when the whole family gathers around the dinner table. A family meal is not just about eating but also about fostering love and building a strong family foundation.


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